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Barrister Tim Becker speaks on Public Access

Thomson Reuters host Webinar discussion on Public Access entitled 'Growing a successful public access practice - strategies and skills for success'

The Webinar was broadcast live on 7.12.16 between 5 pm and 6 pm. The Webinar was interactive, with an opportunity to submit questions live to the speakers electronically.

Mr Becker spoke on how he has built a successful Public Access practice.   

The webinar sought to answer the following questions:

(1) What are the key skills I need to grow a successful practice?

(2) How can I market myself for growth?

(3) How can I successfully convert inquiries to valuable instructions?

(4) What does excellent client care look like?

(5) What are the limitations on helping my client? How can I deal with the difficult client?

(6) Should I train to conduct litigation?

(7) How and when should I consider ways of supporting my practice like being part of a network, IT resources, outsourcing, and paralegal support?

Thomson Reuters provided an information sheet for the Webinar.

Tim Becker is a family and civil barrister at 33 Bedford Row Chambers. >

The other speakers were: Andrew Stafford (Chairman of the Public Access Bar Association), Daniel J ShenSmith (Co-founder of ShenSmith Barristers, CEO of the ShenSmith Group, and owner of BarristerDIRECT), Claire Florey (Head of Communications at The Kohen Rapoport Group) and Fraser Wright (Legal Relations Team at The Kohen Rapoport Group). The Mediator was Roxanne Selby (Head of Courts Strategy at Thomson Reuters)