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India Desk


India Desk

India Desk Logo33 Bedford Row's 'India Desk' is an initiative marketed directly at individuals and companies working bilaterally between the UK and India.

The UK and India are among the top investors in each other’s economies. Accordingly there is increasingly a number of businesses involved in bilateral agreements between the UK and India in various sectors. The mutual benefits are being recognised and in recognising that growth, 33 Bedford Row has set up an India desk, specifically to meet the needs of Indian businesses both in India and the UK wanting to do business in the UK.

Spearheading the India desk is Jayesh Jotangia, a member of the Bar with strong links to the Indian business community here and in India.

The aim is to provide advice across a broad spectrum of areas of law with an emphasis on arbitration, commercial, company compliance, immigration, employment, regulatory matters-both contentious and advisory.

As an example, the key sectors where expert advice and assistance has been offered are:

• IT sector and innovation
• Healthcare
• Pharmaceutical
• Retail
• Manufacturing
• Professional services and outsourcing

Both bring formidable expertise and innovative solution to resolving business disputes. Having strong cultural, linguistic and an understanding and respect for business ethos of the Indian business community and its needs will ensure the provision of a first class service.

Under the Direct Access Rules for Barristers practising in England and Wales, members of the public, corporate entities and other professionals can now contact Barristers directly for advice.

Jayesh Jotangia can be contacted on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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