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Online Resources


Personal Insolvency - 'Bankruptcy Hearing –Dismissal on Anticipated Improper Trustee behaviour’ - by Simon Hill

Personal Insolvency - The Bankruptcy Level at Date of Hearing in Bankruptcy Court - by Simon Hill

Shipping - The "New Flamenco" - Globalia Business Travel S.A.U. of Spain v Fulton Shipping Inc of Panama - by Lara McDonnell

Personal Insolvency -'Bankruptcy Hearing - Challenging the Validity of a Debt behind a Judgment Debt' - by Simon Hill

Civil Procedure - 'Issue Estoppel between Liability and Disposal' - by Simon Hill

Personal Insolvency - 'Bankruptcy Jurisdiction and Challenging an Assessment of Tax' - by Simon Hill

Personal Insolvency - 'Bankruptcy Hearing - Adjourn for Pending Appeal' - by Simon Hill

Taxation Liability Orders - 'Understanding and Challenging a National Non-Domestic Rates Liability Order - by Simon Hill

Civil Procedure - 'The Jeopardy of a Very Late Application to Amend a Statement of Case' - by Simon Hill 

Criminal - 'Indecent Images: The Shift in Recent Years from "Possession" to "Making"' by Gabrielle Moore

Shipping Fault liability - 'Apportionment of Liability in Collision Cases Following “Nordlake” & “Seaeagle”' by Lara McDonnell [Pdf download]

Vicarious Liability - 'Mohamud v WM Morrison: The Supreme Court expands the scope of vicarious liability' by Conor Kennedy

Personal Insolvency - 'Trustee in Bankruptcy selling a Home - Home is Where the Money is' by Simon Hill [Pdf download]

Corporate Insolvency - 'Understanding Section 239 Preferences under Insolvency Act 1986' by Simon Hill [Pdf download]

Personal Injury - 'Children causing Personal Injury during Horseplay' by Simon Hill [Pdf download]

Civil Procedure - 'Mitchell v News Group Newspapers - CPR r.3.9 Relief from Sanction' by Simon Hill

Negligence and Damages - 'The Recoverability of Vehicle Repair and Courtesy Vehicle Costs - Coles v Hetherton' by Simon Hill [Pdf download]

Human Rights - 'Interpretation of Convention Rights- Human Rights Act 1998 s2' by Austen Morgan [Pdf download]

Human Rights - 'Religious Freedom' by Austen Morgan [Pdf download]

Family and Children - 'Understanding Parental Responsibility' by 33 Bedford Row Family Law Barristers [Pdf download]

Family and Children - 'Understanding Shared Residence Orders' by 33 Bedford Family Law Barristers

Immigration - The European Economic Area and Marriages of Convenience [Pdf download]