We like to think of pupils as an invest­ment in the future of cham­bers. Our selec­tion process is exten­sive, rig­or­ous but fair. At 33 Bedford Row every effort is made to cre­ate a relaxed envi­ron­ment where pupils will thrive in their pro­fes­sional devel­op­ment. The width and breadth of work we offer will pro­vide a pupil with a solid foun­da­tion upon which to start a career at the Bar. We encour­age prospec­tive appli­cants to apply for mini-pupillages.

Pupil­lage at 33 Bedford Row

As a pupil at 33 Bedford Row, you will have four pupil super­vi­sors through the year. Pupil super­vi­sors are cho­sen to ensure that each pupil gets a solid ground­ing in the four core areas of Cham­bers’ work – Civil, Crime, Family and Regulatory Law. Dur­ing each seat, we encour­age pupils to be involved in every aspect of their pupil supervisor’s work. We try to give our pupils a rounded overview of a barrister’s role, and equip them for the chal­lenges they will face in prac­tice. Our aim is to give you all the skills you will need to be an out­stand­ing advocate. Beyond these four core areas, you will expe­ri­ence your super­vi­sors’ par­tic­u­lar areas of exper­tise. You will be encour­aged to par­tic­i­pate in research and to work for other ten­ants to broaden and build on those core areas. From your very first day, you will be expected to get involved in your pupil supervisor’s work. The typ­i­cal work involves doing legal research, prepar­ing first drafts of skele­ton argu­ments, open­ing notes and writ­ten advices. Often you will be asked to pre­pare an exam­i­na­tion in chief, cross-examination and both open­ing and clos­ing speeches.

You will be expected to pre­pare and attend con­fer­ences with clients, to con­tribute if asked to and to dis­cuss the strate­gic, pro­ce­dural and eth­i­cal ele­ments of cases with your supervisor. We place great empha­sis on the close work­ing rela­tion­ship between pupil and super­vi­sor. We strongly encour­age our pupils to take on pro bono cases with FRU or other char­i­ties, and we will pro­vide sup­port and ensure that you have the time you need to ded­i­cate to pro bono work. There is a struc­tured pro­gramme of feed­back so that at the end of each seat, you will be assessed against a set of cri­te­ria, the idea is to iden­tify any issues very early on and pro­vide the help and assis­tance nec­es­sary. You will in addi­tion be set writ­ten work once a month which will be assessed by a senior mem­ber of cham­bers and one junior. In addi­tion, there will be in house advo­cacy ses­sions which will increase in reg­u­lar­ity and inten­sity the closer the pupil comes to start­ing the sec­ond six months.

Ten­ancy deci­sion

33 Bedford Row has a grad­ual pol­icy of expan­sion and look­ to take on out­stand­ing pupils as ten­ants but not every­one who applies will be offered a ten­ancy. Our deci­sion will be based on your over­all per­for­mance in pupillage but par­tic­u­lar regard will be given to the feed­back from oth­ers about your writ­ten work and per­for­mance in the advo­cacy training.

Apply­ing for pupil­lage

We are not cur­rently recruit­ing for new pupils. Future pupil­lage com­pe­ti­tions and applic­a­ble timeta­bles will be announced here and via the Pupil­lage Gate­way.

Pupillage Standard

We expect appli­cants to have an upper-second class degree. It will not be a dis­ad­van­tage if that is not in law. We wish to recruit out­stand­ing can­di­dates regard­less of race, colour, creed, reli­gion, or gender.