Arbitration & Mediation

Arbitration & Mediation


33 Bedford Row have set up a dedicated ADR Group, which offers a full service in relation to all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Members of the group are experts in adjudication, arbitration and mediation.

Our group regularly acts as the decision maker in ADR hearings or appear as counsel in an adjudication, arbitration or mediation.   

At 33 Bedford Row, we have considerable expertise in the area of ADR.  We can offer arbitrators, adjudicators and mediators at different levels of seniority.


Whether arbitration is domestic or international our group has significant experience in working both as counsel and arbitrator. As counsel we have and can advise on dispute clauses, where appropriate bring court applications before, during and after an arbitration and appear at arbitrations as party representatives. 33 Bedford Row’s ADR Group have also provided training on arbitration in a number of countries and are happy to respond to specific requests to provide support to conferences, seminars and continuing professional development lectures.


33 Bedford Row are familiar with the full range of issues that can arise in construction projects. Construction disputes are often resolved by statutory construction adjudication. This dispute resolution method has been used in England and Wales for over 20 years now and has in recent years been introduced in a number of jurisdictions around the world. Our group is available to be instructed by domestic and international clients who wish to obtain advice on challenging or enforcing adjudicator’s decisions.  

Arbitration & Mediation Barristers