Kevin Holder attends Apple WWDC AltConf London 2018

In: News Published: Tuesday 05 June 2018


Kevin Holder represented 33 Bedford Row at the 2018 Apple WWDC Alt Conf London yesterday held in the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster.

Alt Conf (The Alternative Apple Developer Conference) is an annual event held simultaneously with Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference to bring together designers, developers, and system architects who work on applications or "apps" across Apple's four operating systems: iOS, Mac OS, tvOS and watchOS. 

There are 20 million Apple Developers around the world creating apps for the brand's 1.3 billion iOS and Mac OS devices. In the ten years since the App Store was opened, the Apple Developer community has generated $100 billion in revenue. 

WWDC is an annual event held for the Developer Community in California. Attendance is limited to 5,000 of the 20 million Apple Developers around the world, so tickets sell for several thousands dollars and typically sell out within less than a minute of going on sale.

The Developer Community has responded over the last few years by hosting a simulataneous AltConf or Alternative Conference next door to the main WWDC even in San Jose, California.

On 4th June 2018, AltConf hosted its first ever developer event outside of California. The London AltConf attracted 600 developers from across Europe who gathered at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster to watch the keynote address from Apple Executives streamed live in real time from the San Jose Convention Centre in California and to discuss their ongoing development projects.

Kevin's attendance was part of 33 Bedford Row's "33 Commercial" outreach initiative to make the independent bar most accessible to businesses in various industries including the growing UK tech sector. 

Kevin spoke with numerous developers and executives from across the EU ranging from boutique startups to some of the largest software development companies outside of Silicon Valley. 

British developers are engaged in thousands of exciting application developments ranging from applications used by the Red Cross to alert and communicate with those affected by natural disasters, to a novel application allowing Charitable supporters to dedicate a proportion of their device's processing capacity to "mine" bitcoins as a means of generating funds. 

Apple announced that it will be extending Augmented Reality capability on its devices. This presents exciting opportunities for the UK Developer Community to provide groundbreaking productivity and entertainment apps that will transfer the way consumers work and play on their devices. Apple demonstrated an ingenious app that allows users to obtain accurate instantaneous dimensional measurements using just the camera on their iphone.  

Siri, Apple's voice activated digital assistant, is also being opened up to the Developer Community to an unprecedented extent. This will enable users to carry out complex multi-stage digital actions by voice and facilitate automation of every day activities like ordering shopping, paying bills, and other routine actions. 

2018 looks to be a very exciting year for Apple, and by extension its 20 million strong Developer Community.