Tony Stanford

  • Year of Call 1996

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Tony is a highly regarded practitioner who has a wide breadth of experience of cases involving serious crime. He has acted for both the defence and prosecution and also for HM personnel in Courts Martial cases. He has also advised on appeal matters for the Capital Cases Charitable Trust, an organization that represents those on death row and facing long prison sentences in the Caribbean Commonwealth

Notable Cases

Notable Cases

R.V. RM (2013), defence of a director of company charged with money laundering and defrauding visa applicants

R. V. S (2013), defence of a man charged with rape and assaults on female partners.

R. V. K (2013), trial concerning allegations of Sexual assaults on several children by a young man with learning difficulties.

R. v. Smith, Fletcher and Hall (2012) prosecution of a gang responsible for a series of armed robberies, stabbings and aggravated burglaries.

R. v. S and others (2012), Conspiracy to supply Class A and B drugs arising out of Operations Atlanta and Ridion.

R. v. Brown (2012): Attempted rape, conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to commit sexual assaults; the case concerned a campaign of night time attacks, carried out on women, in North London.

R .v. G and others, (2011): led junior in a three month trial at Leeds Crown Court. Charges concerned section 9 Of the Fraud Act, carrying on a business for a fraudulent purpose.

R v. Gonclaves, (2011): led junior in murder and attempted murder trial.

R v. A, (2011): defending in a trial concerning the rape and abduction of a 12 year old.

R v. Okwu-Brewis, (2010) and others: Armed robbery and firearms trial.

R. v. M and others, (2010): Firearms and robbery trial involving South London Gang members.

R v. Trotman, (2010): I prosecuted the then oldest person in the UK to be the subject of an ASBO, for a campaign of harassment and assault against his neighbours.

R v. M and others, (2009): trial of 13 year old charged with sexual assault on another boy at cadet camp.

R v. H and others: a series of trials involving the defence of anti war protestors involving the EDO MBN arms factory campaign in Brighton.

R v. A: led junior in a multi-million pound conspiracy to import cocaine

R v. B and others: defence of anti-hunt protestors charged with affray and violence

R v. R: led junior in multi-million pound heroin importation trial

Court Appeal

R. v. Mark Worton (2011) EWCA Crim 3145; Robbery, kidnapping and burglary, consecutive sentences.

R. v. Abdulla (2011) EWCA Crim 2488; Sentencing in drugs cases.

R. v. Pamela Lawson (2010) 2 Cr.App.R.(S.) 71; Sentencing in breach of trust and fraud cases.

R. v. Allan Fenn-Smith (2010) EWCA Crim 1420; Failiure to apply Sentencing Guidelines Council’s Definitive Guideline for sentencing fraud.

R. Page and Others (2005) 2 Cr.App.R. (S.) 37; guideline case on the sentencing of shoplifters.



ALAW association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare, Midlands Circuit.



LLB (Hons.) Queen Mary and Westfield, University of London.

Scholarship from Markesinis Anglo-American Law Institute to visit Leiden University, The Netherlands.