Dr Katherine Simpson appointed to 4 panels

33 Bedford Row Arbitrator Dr. Katherine Simpson FCIArb. has recently been appointed to 4 panels:

(1) FINRA;
(2) Hunt ADR - Low Cost Arbitration Scheme (LCAS);
(3) Hunt ADR - Travel Arbitration;
(4) Amercia Arbitration Association - Commercial - (AAA Commercial);

FINRA is a US statutory body that resolves disputes in the US financial services sector for SEC regulated companies, including customer disputes. FINRA describes itself as operating '... the largest securities dispute resolution forum in the United States'. This panel, along with the next three panels, specialise in lower value and consumer disputes, with: (1) Hunt ADR - The Low Cost Arbitration Scheme (LCAS) based in London and accepting commercial disputes valued at less than £50,000; and (2) AAA Commercial panel addressing domestic and consumer commercial disputes in the US.

Dr. Katherine Simpson, FCIArb, is an arbitrator based in London (33 Bedford Row) and in the US (Simpson Dispute Resolution).  She has been involved in over 50 international commercial and investment cases chaired by Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Böckstiegel, Prof. William (Rusty) Park, and Ms. Edna Sussman, among others.  These cases had amounts in controversy ranging from US$5 million to US$2.5 billion and have become the most influential arbitration cases of the past decade, including Bear Creek v. Peru (ICSID 14/21) (elaborating the need for a “social license” to conduct business) and UP v. Hungary (ICSID 13/35) (Global Arbitration Review’s “Most Important Award” of 2019, the Achmea Decision's impact on ICSID jurisdiction).