Dr Tariq Mahmood

  • Year of Call 2002


Dr Mahmood has a broad commercial litigation and arbitration practice covering a wide range of contractual, property and public law disputes.  His work includes a particular emphasis on company, insolvency and property matters, as well as complex commercial disputes generally.  


Tariq's commercial experience involves all areas of commercial litigation with a specific interest in partnership and company disputes. He provides opinions and drafts pleadings, gives advice on disclosure and represents clients at mediation, in tribunals and in court. He regularly advises clients on interim applications including applications for summary judgment and injunctions. He is fully aware of the tactical advantages of early intervention and his advice is always commercially sensitive and solution-oriented.

Tariq is currently involved in a complex on-going dispute in the Bahamas to advise a client in respect to a £250 million dispute. He was recently instructed in a complex partnership and property case with a value in excess of £3 million and has previously been instructed on a number of high value partnership claims.  He has appeared in a variety of courts ranging from tribunals, the High Court and the Court of Appeal, as well as the High Court in Pakistan.

Arbitration & Mediation

Tariq has recently passed the 'Fast track Fellowship in International Arbitration' and is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He is an experienced negotiator who has extensive in trying to resolve disputes at an early stage through mediation.

Tariq Mahmood maintains a key interest in resolution of disputes through ADR methods. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb) since 2016. He regularly lectures on arbitration and was selected as one of the international consultants by the Council of Europe to deliver arbitration training to arbitrators, lawyers in Yerevan, Armenia.  Moreover, he is an experienced negotiator who has extensive experience in trying to resolve disputes at an early stage through mediation. 

Tariq lectures regularly on the subject of arbitration, including:

DIFC Academy - Talk on Expert Evidence in Arbitration -(Dubai)

Council of Europe: 2 day arbitration training to arbitrators, lawyers and corporate organisation as an International Consultant (Yerevan, Armenia)

London Centre for Legal English: Guest Speaker – Talk on Commodity Arbitration (London)

Society of Construction Law Conference: Talk on Construction Adjudication - Guest Speaker (Dublin)

Lahore University of Management – School of Law: Guest Speaker

Shurland & Co: Delivered in-house training on Arbitration procedures and developments (Bahamas)


Tariq has experience of all the stages of construction disputes, ranging from residential projects to high-level commercial projects. He has worked on a variety of different types of contract.

Tariq has experience of all aspects of statutory and contractual adjudication. He is recently enrolled in the RICS Diploma in Adjudication.  

Planning & Environment

Dr Mahmood appears on behalf of claimants and defendants in all areas of planning and environmental law. He has a specific interest in the following areas:

Notable Cases

Waraich & Anor v Ansari Solicitors - Acting for the Claimant in a Professional. Negligence claim for loss of chance in an action against the Claimant's previous solicitors - 2019

UAE - (Parties Confidential) - Claim by a component supplier against an airline for sums due under a supply agreement and counterclaim - 2019

Kuwait - (Parties Confidential) - Advised a group of Kuwaiti nationals, in respect to issuing proceedings in relation to a major share fraud involving a number of companies registered in the UK and off-shore - 2019

Chub Cay Reality: Instructed by a law firm in the Bahamas to draft and advise on the Heads of Agreement in respect to the purchase of a private island from the Government of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas with a value of £250 Million (2017)

Saffana Rasul v Akeela Ahmed: A complex partnership and property case with a value in excess of £3 million at the High Court in London (2017)

Current dispute (parties confidential): He is advising on a dispute between a contractor and employer in a mega-project in Kuwait (2018)

R (on the Application of Ahmed) v Secretary of State for the Home Department(2012) All ER, 218 (D) 218 (Nov)

R (on application of Manchester College of Accountancy & Management) v Secretary of State for the Home Department(2013) EWHC 409 (Admin)


University of Manchester



Awards & Prizes

Tariq has been honoured as an Adviser "Global Shapers" - World Economic Form








Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Advisor 'Global Shapers' - World Economic Forum

Registered Advocate of the Lahore High Court, Pakistan

Registered Advocate of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir High Court, Pakistan



1. Chapter on Mediation in Dubai - By Dr Tariq Mahmood, Arran Dowling Hussey & Dermot Flangan SC - Academy of International Disputes and Professional Negotiation - 2019

2. 'Arbitral Dire Straits: Some practical issues that can arise in applying for interim measures' - By Dr Tariq Mahmood, Arran Dowling Hussey & Dermot Flangan SC - Irish Law Times, No.14 - 2019

3. Managing Guerilla Tactics in International Arbitration: How do parties (and arbitrators) address behaviour? - By Dr Tariq Mahmood, Arran Dowling Hussey & Dermot Flangan SC - The Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business (Wolters Kluwer) - 2019

4. Do-Overs: A second bite of the ADR Cherry? - By Dr Tariq Mahmood, Arran Dowling Hussey & Dermot Flangan SC - Mena Business Law Review, Last Quarter - 2019

 5. The Guide To Construction Arbitration (Third Edition) [General Editors Stavros Brekoulakis & David Brynmor Thomas Q.C, Global Arbitration Review, London, 2019 - (Book Review) - By Dr Tariq Mahmood & Dermot Flangan SC - 2020


Direct Access

Tariq is accredited to accept work under Direct access, also known as Public access, in suitable cases. In order to instruct Tariq on a Direct access basis, contact the clerks on +44 (0) 20 7242 6476 or at clerks@33bedfordrow.co.uk. 

GDPR Notice

Tariq is a self employed barrister in independent practice. During the course of providing legal services as a barrister, Tariq collects and uses personal information.  He is the data controller in respect of this information for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR').

33 Bedford Row is separate and has its own Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR 'Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement', in respect to personal information collected, used and stored by or related to it. This covers personal information arising from, or related to, 33 Bedford Row providing services as a barristers chambers, as well as use of its website. This 'Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement' sets out what information they obtain about you, why and how they use it.  This policy also sets out your rights.

Tariq has a retention of data policy which sets out how long he retains personal information and the reasons why he adopts certain retention periods.

You can view 33 Bedford Row's 'Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement' on 33 Bedford Row's website. Hard copies are available on request by contacting chambers directly.

Transparency Information

Tariq Mahmood's entry on the Barrister Register can be viewed here.

The Legal Ombudsman's decision data website can be found here.

Tariq Mahmood is regulated by the Bar Standards Board

Professional, licensed access and/or lay clients may contact Tariq Mahmood, through the 33 Bedford Row clerks, to obtain a quotation for legal services. Contact details are:

0207 242 6476

Tariq Mahmood's most commonly used pricing models, are:

(1) for specific hearings - a fixed fee; 
(2) for other work - hourly rates.

Tariq's fees are based around an hourly rate of £250 plus VAT per hour. This is indicative only and may vary depending various factors. Please ask for a quotation. Factors influencing the hourly rate, will include:

(1) complexity and nature of the work;
(2) timescales for work and the need for out of office hours work;
(3) sum in issue;
(4) location of any hearings or conferences;

Typically the above fixed fee or hourly rates will cover all the fees. However, where there are additional costs, these are likely to be:

(1) travel costs to and from a location; for instance, a court or a conference held away from 33 Bedford Row Chambers in London. These are likely to be standard class train fare/reasonable petrol costs;

(2) hotel costs, for the cost of staying overnight for the purpose of attending court hearing(s) and/or a conference held away from 33 Bedford Row Chambers in London. These will be reasonable hotel costs. 

There should be agreement about whether these costs are including in the fee or are additional to the fee quoted.

Tariq is VAT registered and VAT is charged on his fees, where applicable. Tariq's VAT number is available on reasonable request. 

The areas of practice in which he most commonly provides legal services, are disputes involving:

(1) Personal Insolvency and Corporate Insolvency;
(2) Companies/Partnership;
(3) Arbitration/Mediation;
(4) Planning;
(5) Properties;
(6) Contracts.

His most commonly provided legal services are:

(1) Representation in court;
(2) Advising in conference; and
(3) Drafting letters/witness statements/court applications;

The key stages to his instruction are likely to be:

(1) receipt of documentation from the client;
(2) discussion between clerk and client, about the fee, scope of the work and timescales for the work;
(3) agreeing a Client Care Letter/Public Access Agreement, signing and payment of the fee;
(4) holding a conference (whether in person or on the telephone) with the client (if applicable);
(5) drafting documentation and/or preparing for the hearing (as applicable);
(6) supplying the drafted documentation to the client and/or the court/other side, and/or attending the hearing (as applicable);
(7) discussion about the documentation, or about the outcome of the hearing.

Typically the above will be carried out over the course of a few weeks, but timescales will vary. The factors which might influence the timescales for his most commonly provided legal services, are:

(1) complexity of the task;
(2) availability of all the documentation;
(3) availability of additional information from the client;
(4) amount of papers that needs to be read;
(5) time taken to hold a conference with the client (if necessary);
(6) the workload in the particular case and the workload of other cases in the barrister's practice.

Tariq accepts Direct Access and Public Access work. However, he is not authorised to 'conduct litigation' as a solicitor can. While Tariq can draft documents, and advise and guide a Direct Access/Public Access client, the Direct Access/Public Access client will need to issue proceedings, file documents at court, and serve documents on other parties themselves. The scope of his services should be discussed with his clerk.

A website called Legal Choices is run by the frontline legal regulators. It can be a good source of information for those looking to instruct a lawyer.

Tariq has professional indemnity insurance cover for all types of legal services he supplies to the public and businesses. 



Dr Tariq Mahmood has a keen interest in sports law. He has specfic interest in areas such as: ICC Anti-Doping Code, ICC Anti- Corruption Code and has delivered numerous lectures in these areas of law internationally. He has previously advised international cricketers on complex contractual issues. He is a keen cricketer and has been actively been promoting cricket among young children in England.