Personal Insolvency

Personal Insolvency



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Chambers has an established team of barristers advising and representing creditors, debtors and office holders across the range of personal insolvency regimes, from pursuing and defending bankruptcy petitions, advising on bankrupt estate administration matters, to discharge and release. Members also advise on other forms of debt relief regimes, including IVAs.

Members of chambers have been involved in a number of reported cases, a selection include Re Finch (UK) Plc [2015] All ER (D) 96; [2016] BCLC 394 (voidable transactions) Taylor (Liquidator) v Ziya [2012] BPIR 1283 (voidable transactions); Grosvenor Estates Belgravia v Laidley [2010] BPIR 1090 (petition costs); Martin-Sklan v White [2007] BPIR 76 (home sale in bankruptcy)

Personal Insolvency Barristers