Members of our arbitration group have significant experience working in domestic and international arbitrations as counsel, arbitrators and also tribunal secretaries. The group has wide experience acting in arbitrations administered by all of the major international arbitral institutions (including the AAA, DIAC, HKIAC, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, SIAC, SCC, ICSID, DIS, CEAC) and subject to all of the major arbitral rules of practice and procedure (including the UNCITRAL, GAFTA and IBA Rules).

When acting as counsel, our members can provide advice to clients involved in an arbitration at both a pre- and post-hearing stage including all necessary court applications and also in the arbitration proceedings. Counsel can advise on enforcing foreign arbitral awards in England and Wales. All members of the group are available to perform the role of arbitrator either as the sole member of a Tribunal or as part of a three member Tribunal.   

Members of 33 Bedford Row's arbitration group have provided training on arbitration in a number of countries, and are happy to respond to specific requests to provide support to conferences, seminars and continuing professional development lectures.

Arbitration Barristers