Exporting Typhoon Aircraft Software and Technology - OGEL Open Licence

Author: Hammad Baig
In: Article Published: Monday 28 January 2019


This open general export licence (OGEL) allows, subject to certain conditions, the export of military goods, software and technology for the production, development or maintenance of Typhoon aircraft to listed destinations. Project Typhoon is a collaborative programme between the government’s of Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK for the development, production and sale of a European fighter aircraft (otherwise known as Eurofighter).

Subject to the provisions of this licence, goods (including software and technology), may be exported from the United Kingdom to any destination in a country specified by the licence. The availability and limitations on this type of licence are further discussed on Hammad Baig's blog.

Hammad can assist with the application process of export licences and with any issues that arise from an alleged breach of the terms of the licence.