Haydee Dijkstal publishes journal article on cultural heritage destruction, and chapter on International Criminal Court

Author: Reporter
In: Article Published: Thursday 11 July 2019


One 25 June 2019, Haydee Dijkstal published an article in the Journal of International Criminal Justice on issues of international criminal law and international human rights law.  The article addressed the International Criminal Court's reparations process for the crime of destruction of cultural heritage, the presence of human rights considerations in the reparations process, and issues concerning the balance between the rights of the victims and the defence during this phase of proceedings.  The Journal of International Criminal Justice is a ranked peer-review academic journal published by Oxford University Press.  The article is available here.

Also published recently was Haydee’s chapter on developments made by the International Criminal Court in 2018 within the American Bar Associations, International Law Developments Year in Review: 2018, vol. 53. Her chapter on the ICC starts at page 139 of the publication, and can be found here.