Islamic Dispute Resolution versus Conventional Alternative Dispute Resolution by Dr. Tariq Mahmood

In: Article Published: Wednesday 05 May 2021


Dr Tariq Mahmood's article on 'Islamic Dispute Resolution versus Conventional Alternative Dispute Resolution' has been published in the Transnational Dispute Management Journal.

This Paper sets out to provide a brief introduction to the much under-appreciated and under used Islamic dispute resolution (‘IDR’) procedure with a view to explaining how it sits alongside conventional Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘ADR’) methods of dispute resolution. It draws upon the differences and similarities between the two systems. A detailed understanding of the two, it argues, enables one to use IDR dispute resolution processes effectively and efficiently, based on a comprehensive understanding of well-known Islamic legal paradigms, which can prove to be of great utility for the wider ADR community.

Dr Mahmood writes:

I am pleased to have written this interesting piece in light of the forever growing Halal Financial Services market with Satvinder Juss and Arran Dowling-Hussey FCIArb, F.MIArb.

The article can be read here.