Ravinder Saimbhi successfully appeals sentence before the Court of Appeal

In: Article Published: Thursday 15 October 2020


Ravinder Saimbhi attended the Court of Appeal in person this week to appeal against a sentence of 7 years imprisonment for 2 counts of Possession with Intent to supply class A drugs imposed on her client under ‘third strike’ provisions set out in s110 PCCSA 2000. She made submissions that the sentencing judge had erred in by failing to take into account s144(1) and (2) of the CJA 2003 and the Definitive Guideline for Reduction in sentence for a Guilty plea and that her client should have been afforded full credit of 20%.The COA commended Ravinder on her clear written argument and succinct submissions before quashing the sentence of 7 years and imposing one in its place for 5 years and 8 months, which allowed for the full 20% reduction available.