Tariq Mahmood & Arran Dowling Hussey to teach 'A Guide to ADR for Litigators' course

Author: Reporter
In: Article Published: Monday 15 July 2019


The 1 day arbitration course will be held on 30 September 2019 in London, and it will show how to effectively use the main ADR processes, with a refresher on the court oversight of ADR and a reminder of the key terminology. The session will be interactive and participative, using a quiz and case study exercises to reinforce the information provided.

The introductory course is run within MBL (Management, Business, Law), an organisation with over 14 years of delivering the latest updates and practical know-how training in compliance, law and tax. 5 CPR points are available from the course. 

The introductory course will cover the following:

  • Main processes of ADR
  • Understanding arbitration as an alternative to litigation
  • Advantages of arbitration
  • Common mistakes made when using arbitration
  • Understanding mediation as an alternative to litigation
  • Advantages of mediation
  • Common mistakes made when using mediation
  • Combining ADR processes - how and when to use 'Arb-Med' or 'Med-Arb'
  • Recent changes in the ADR landscape - the increase in family law arbitration
  • Choosing arbitrators or mediators
  • Choosing experts in arbitration
  • Ad Hoc v Institutional arbitration

Further details about the course can be found here.