Keith Chipato : Consumer law in 2020 - Lexis Nexis Webinars

In: Bulletin Published: Thursday 07 January 2021


Keith Chipato : Consumer law in 2020 - Lexis Nexis Webinars  

We take a look at today's most pressing consumer issues in this webinar, and consider what might be the key developments of tomorrow. Topics discussed include:

Consumer law in 2020 - Webinars (

Consumer Law and Covid-19

  • Price Gouging
  • Cancellation and Refunds

Regulated Lending and Covid-19

  • Background to consumer credit regulation
  • Pre Covid 19 state of affairs
  • Covid 19 impact

Future Developments in Consumer Law

  • The Omnibus Directive
  • Transfer of Title in Consumer Contracts
  • Consumer Law White Paper

Viewing this webinar will help solicitors to meet the following requirements set out in the Statement of solicitor competence:

Keith Chipato : Keith has a general civil practice which includes personal injury, housing, property and insolvency (personal and corporate).Prior to becoming a barrister, Keith worked at the Financial Ombudsman Service. The knowledge he gained is particularly useful when dealing with consumer credit matters as well as financial products

A2 - Maintain competence and legal knowledge.

A4 - Draw on detailed knowledge/understanding.

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