Ann Cotcher QC speaks at The British-Albanian Lawyers Association on Anonymity in Criminal Proceedings

Author: Reporter
In: News Published: Wednesday 27 March 2019


Ann Cotcher QC was delighted to speak before The British-Albanian Lawyers Association on Monday 25th March 2019, at an event at the Kosovo Embassy. 

The talk, entitled "Mud Sticks", discussed the issue of anonymity in criminal proceedings. Ann Cotcher QC spoke about the detrimental effect of not granting anonymity to suspects in rape cases during the investigation stage and before the conclusion of the trial, whilst anonymity protection is granted to complainants for life irrespective of the outcome of the investigation or trial. Ann gave examples of where charges against suspects are not pursued by the police or where a suspect is found innocent at trial, but due to there being no anonymity protection for them the cases have a devastating effect on their lives due to media reporting. Ann spoke about the need for legal reform in order to ensure that both complainants and suspects are afforded similar protection due to the stigma attached to such cases. There was an engaging discussion with the audience after the talk with many questions asked by the audience.

Thank you to Brikena Muharremi, Head of the British-Albanian Lawyers Association for organising the event, and to the Kosovo Embassy for its hospitality and support.

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