Arbitrator Tony Cole launches Blog giving Empirical Information on Commercial Arbitration in Europe

Author: Reporter
In: News Published: Monday 15 July 2019


Tony Cole, Arbitrator and member of Arbitrators@33Bedford Row has started a project blog, to accompany his research into the Social and Psychological Underpinnings of Commercial Arbitration in Europe. Tony's current academic work is focused on a 5-year £1m ESRC-funded project on commercial arbitration across Europe, and while the research will produce academic publications, the blog is 'designed to provide some ongoing updates on information the project has (or at least seems to have) developed'. In other words, the blog is 'designed to give “provisional” thoughts, based on work so far.'

An introduction to the blog can be read here, and the blog can be read here.

There are already a few blog posts online. For instance, readers can find posts on   “Construction arbitration in Denmark”, “The Role of Barristers in English Arbitration”, “Ad hoc arbitration in Denmark”, “The Absence of Arbitration in Linköping”, “Ad Hoc Arbitration in Norway” and “Foreign Experience and Entry into International Commercial Arbitration”.