Hammad Baig meets the Minister of Justice and the Ambassador of Uzbekistan

Author: Reporter
In: News Published: Friday 28 June 2019


33 Bedford Row's Hammad Baig was invited to meet the Honourable Minister of Justice Mr Ruslanbek Davletov at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in London.

In a meeting with the Minister and the Ambassador, Alisher Shaykhov, the Minister discussed his vision of the introduction of English law in free economic zones in Uzbekistan.

The Minister also discussed the following:

  1. the introduction UK’s Citizen’s advice model in Uzbekistan;

  2. legal guarantees for foreign investors;

  3. PPP legislation; and 

  4. Reform of the tax and securities legislation and establishment of capital market regulation.

Hammad practises tax law, international trade law and commercial litigation, with a specific interest in VAT and Customs and Excise Law.

Hammad writes articles on topical issues in relation to his practice areas, these can be read under his Insights, and on Hammad’s blog. Should you wish to instruct Hammad, then please do not hesitate to contact his clerk Mark Byrne.