Haydee Dijkstal moderates panel discussing Yemen Conflict

Author: Reporter
In: News Published: Sunday 20 January 2019


On 15 January 2019, Haydee moderated one of two panels at 'Peninsular Perspective: Human Rights and Accountability in the UAE and the Region', organised by The American Soceity of Internation Law, No Peace Without Justice and Yemen Peace Project. The event, held in Washington DC, carried the following introduction:

'At a time of global attention on the Gulf Region and the catastrophic conflict in Yemen, the human rights and humanitarian situation both within the UAE and beyond its borders have been in the headlines. This event will explore the prospects for promoting human rights and accountability in these challenging times.'

Haydee moderated a panel discussion entitled 'Looking Outwards: Accountability and Reparations for the Yemen Conflict':

'The tragic events in Yemen remain prominently in the spotlight. The US Senate is presently reconsidering the US’s relationship with the Saudi-UAE coalition as the situation in Yemen has become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The Panel will assess and discuss the UAE’s foreign policies, whether they comply with international standards, and the concrete measures that can be taken to provide remedies and guarantee reparations for victims. The speakers will address the ways in which the widespread violations that have and are being committed in the conflict can be investigated and prosecuted so that the perpetrators can be held to account, and to ensure that international human rights and humanitarian principles are upheld throughout the region.'

The speakers were:

  • Sean Murphy, Professor at GW University Law School, Member of UN International Law Commission 
  • Chris Rogers, Senior Program Officer, Open Society Foundations 
  • Andrea Prasow, Deputy Washington Director, Human Rights Watch 
  • Osamah Al-Fakih, Advocacy Director, Mwatana for Human Rights

The flyer can be viewed here

Haydee Dijkstal is a foreign qualified lawyer, undertaking a reduced pupillage at 33 Bedford Row. Haydee will be accepting instructions from 20 February 2019.