Ishrat Mahmud talks to students at “Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Lawyers" Event

Author: Reporter
In: News Published: Wednesday 31 October 2018


The event was organised by Government Litigation Department, in partnership with the BLD Foundation, a charity, and formed part of the “Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Lawyers” programme. The event took place on 24 October 2018 at One Kemble Street, London.

The aim of the “Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Lawyers” programme is to encourage secondary school students from an ethnic minority background to aim higher and to join the legal profession, especially the Bar.

Ishrat Mahmud said:

'I had the opportunity to address and speak to a small group of sixth form students who were selected by their teachers and the BLD Foundation after having shown ‘a very high level of engagement’ at the open day held on 5 October 2018. I had a very enjoyable conversation with the students about life at the Bar.

I talked about professional conducts and ethics, and high morals which barristers possess. Furthermore, I shared my experience and challenges that I had faced in this profession. It was interesting to know the thoughts and ideas of the students about the legal profession and court practice, which some of them perceive as “dramatic”.

It was a fantastic and inspirational event and I am thankful to the organisers, specially to Ms Preeya Rajani for inviting me as a speaker.'