Opening hours owing to COVID-19

In: News Published: Wednesday 18 March 2020


Despite the current situation in relation to COVID-19, as the courts are still open 33 Bedford Row Chambers will continue to operate as normal.

Members of Chambers will be working remotely where possible and will continue to be fully contactable via our switchboard, 020 7242 6476 and by email.

Conferences may be held via telephone or Skype and we can arrange access to video conferencing as necessary. If there is a need to rearrange conferences presently due to take place in chambers so that they can take place in this way please contact us.

Using the above technology we are able to conduct a substantial amount of advice and representation

Emergency mobile telephone numbers for clerks are here.

If you have any questions in relation to our planning, or related to your own response planning, please get in touch with your usual 33 Bedford Row contact or via 

The mobile phone numbers of our most senior clerks are:

Senior Clerk 

Gary Reed 07530 656607

Civil, Commercial & Arbitration

Mark Byrne: 07985 615 215 / 07931 231 321

Charleigh Thurston: 07506 340 306       

Crime & Regulatory

Jamie Smurthwaite:    07530 657 073          

Bill Ince: 07508 119 428             

Family (inc: Children, Care & Finance) 

Mark Venables:   07792 701 136    

Charlotte Cracknell:  07958 162 221                


Rob Andrews:                   

07399 985 572    

Our team is are available for round-the-clock to provide round-the-clock urgent legal advice to businesses, lay clients and solicitors during this stressful time.
By putting in place these contingency measures we intend to continue offering as normal a service as possible throughout the duration of this unprecedented epidemic; and by working together we are confident we can find solutions to any problems arising, thereby reducing as far as possible any impact on our professional and lay clients and minimising risks to health.