Planning, Funding and Protecting Your Property Development - Seminar

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In: News Published: Monday 04 October 2021


On Wednesday 29 September 2021, 2 members of chambers took part in a seminar entitled 'An Essential Guide to Current Issues - Planning, Funding and Protecting Your Property Development'. The event, which took place as a hybrid event, was held at Sedulo, The Amber Club, 23 Park Square, South Leeds LS1 2ND. The 2 members of chambers were:

(1) Nigel Edwards QC - Barrister at 33 Bedford Row - who introduced the seminar and hosted a 'Close and Questions' session; and

(2) Kevin Leigh – Barrister, Head of Planning, Property and Environment at 33 Bedford Row – who gave a talk entitled ‘Planning Your Development – an overview of current planning policy and development issues'.

The event was recorded:


The recording can also be viewed on Vimeo itself, here.

About this event

The Government is telling developers to ‘build, build, build’, but there are a number of practical and economic/financial issues for developers to consider. In a time when the funding market is ever-changing, there is uncertainty regarding property prices and supply chain issues around building materials, and the planning process is complicated, protracted and full of pitfalls; in short, developers have an ever greater number of considerations regarding structuring and financing developments. Increasingly we are seeing collaboration between those involved in property to share the risk and rewards associated with property development.

This seminar, featuring 4 expert speakers, covered a range of topics that interest property investors, property developers and professionals associated with the property industry, including architects, surveyors and builders, as can be seen from the timetable below.

This seminar combined the opportunity to attend: (1) face-to-face in Leeds city centre and (2) virtually, through a live seminar (webinar) feed. For those who attended in person, there was an opportunity to network with other property professionals, to forge new relationships and business opportunities.

The timetable was:

• 9.30am – Registration and Networking for those attending the physical seminar;

• 10.00am – Webinar and Seminar Start and Introduction from Nigel Edwards QC

• 10.05am - Kevin Leigh – Barrister, Head of Planning, Property and Environment at 33 Bedford Row – ‘Planning Your Development’ – an overview of current planning policy and development issues

• 10.30am - Richard Coulthard – Partner, Ison Harrison – ‘Structuring Your Development’ – an overview on options for structuring developments and contractual considerations around this.

• 10.50am - Michelle Lowe – Head of Property Finance, Sedulo - ‘Funding Your Development’ – an overview of the current funding market

• 11.10am - Ian Anderson – Partner, Ison Harrison – ‘An Introduction to the pitfalls of notifiable construction projects’ – a review of the CDM regulations and pitfalls around Health & Safety on site.

• 11.30am – Close and Questions hosted by Nigel Edwards QC

• 11.40am – Online webinar end and face to face networking for on-site attendees

• 12.15pm – Event close

About the Speakers

Kevin Leigh – Kevin is one of the country’s leading Planning Law Barristers at 33 Bedford Row Chambers in Leeds, and London and Chepstow. Kevin specialises in advising developers on complex planning and property matters. Kevin is also himself a property developer and investor.

Richard Coulthard – Richard is a Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law at Ison Harrison Solicitors. Richard has previously advised major financial institutions and now advises property developers and investors on issues such as joint ventures, portfolio structure and corporate finance.

Michelle Lowe – Michelle is the Head of Property Finance at Sedulo. Michelle has advised on hundreds of millions of pounds of property related finance including development finance and bridging. Michelle advises investors and developers of a range of sizes on complex finance needs.

Ian Anderson – Ian is a Partner and Head of Regulatory at Ison Harrison Solicitors. Ian has extensive experience in advising on CDM Regulations, Health and Safety on site and defending prosecutions from the Health & Safety Executive. Ian has experience in advising national developers on these issues.