The Honourable Barry Leon publishes article about Ontario Court holding virtual proceedings on YouTube

Author: Reporter
In: News Published: Saturday 16 May 2020


The article, published in 3-parts (one on each of three consecutive business days), is entitled 'History made in Ontario courts: Virtual proceedings on YouTube' and appeared in the Civil Litigation section of the Lawyer's Daily, a Candian legal newspaper. The article provides lessons learned & practical tips for virtual proceedings from historic 3-judge, 4-party virtual public court proceedings on YouTube.

Amongst other things, the article reviews the 17 April 2020 judicial review hearing in Nation Rise v. Minister of the Environment (Justices Katherine Swinton, Harriet Sachs and Lise Favreau). The full-day, four-party judicial review, was in a truly open court with a “public gallery" hosted on a private YouTube channel. While people came and went from the “public gallery,” at various times over 200 members of the public watched.

The 3 parts to the article can be read here:

The Lawyer's Daily - April 30, 2020 - Part 1

The Lawyer's Daily - May 01, 2020 - Part 2

The Lawyer's Daily - May 04, 2020 - Part 3

The article is considered a COVID-19 article and so it is open access (no paywall).

The Honourable Barry Leon is an independent arbitrator and mediator with Arbitration Place, Arbitrators@33BedfordRow (London) and Caribbean Arbitrators. He was presiding judge of BVI’s Commercial Court (2015-2018) and chair of ICC Canada’s Arbitration Committee.