Sandip Patel QC

  • Year of QC 2014
  • Year of Call 1991

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Sandip Patel QC is a Barrister with an impressive domestic and international practice in civil and criminal litigation with particular emphasis on international regulatory cases.   Sandip Patel QC has been at the forefront of cases involving cybercrime and electronic evidence.    Sandip Patel QC regularly represents individuals, businesses and Governments in complex disputes with an overlap between criminal and civil law especially in the arena of fraud and tax evasion.   Sandip Patel QC has advised in matters in the Middle East, India, Europe and the Caribbean.

International Arbitration

Sandip Patel QC advises and represents public and private entities on contentious and non-contentious international commercial disputes conducted under the rules of various institutions (ICSID, ICC, HKIAC, LCIA) and ad hoc proceedings under the UNCITRAL Rules within civil law and common-law jurisdictions, in particular, India.

Private Prosecutions

Sandip Patel QC has been described as “one of the leading Private Prosecution QCs in the country”.  Sandip Patel QC has acted in variety of different types of Private Prosecutions for Government departments such as the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority as well on behalf of individuals on cases involving legally and factually complex issues.   Sandip Patel QC is often instructed in cases involving ‘civil judgements’; which are then sought to be used in support of ‘Private Prosecutions’.   As such, Sandip Patel QC is extremely versed with both Criminal law and Civil Procedure. 

Sandip Patel QC is currently instructed in a substantial Private Prosecution brought by a City law firm against two former employees for fraud and perverting the course of justice following extensive litigation in the Employment Tribunal and the High Court.   In addition, Sandip Patel QC is currently advising on a matter involving the commencement of a Private Prosecution by a French company against a UK company for fraud, copyright theft and passing-off.  This case has required extensive consideration of UK and French law in relation to Private Prosecutions. 

White Collar Defence

Sandip Patel QC has been involved in many complex and high value fraud cases ranging from ‘Ponzi’ investment fraud to VAT and carrousel fraud.   Sandip Patel QC has been described as “a truly exceptional Lawyer with a phenomenal eye for detail”.


Sandip Patel QC has been at the forefront of cases involving ‘cybercrime and cyber security’.  Sandip Patel QC has been involved in most high profile cybercrime cases involving fraud, deception, money laundering and organised crime.   Sandip Patel QC has acted in famous cases such as the “Facebook Hacker”, ‘Anonymous’ prosecutions for computer hacking involving PayPal and Visa and for computer hacking into UK and US Government websites for agencies such as the CIA and FBI in the US and National Crime Agency, National Health Service and Ministry of Defence in the UK.  In addition, Sandip Patel QC has been involved in cases of serious and organised fraud and money laundering on the ‘Dark Web’.  

Sandip Patel QC has intricate knowledge of cases involving cybercrime especially from the issue of admissibility of evidence.   Sandip Patel QC is a contributor to the leading text book namely:  Electronic Evidence, 3rd Edition, Stephen Mason.  In addition, Sandip Patel QC lectures regularly on cybercrime and has trained law enforcement officials both in the UK and abroad including advising the Police in the Republic of Grenada on the formation of a cybercrime unit with focus on policies and procedures. 

Sandip Patel QC is Chairman of the Cybercrime Practitioners Association.