Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key priority at 33 Bedford Row. Chambers is committed to our community, which extends far beyond our privileged geographic locality in Central London to national and international society.

Many of our barristers provide pro bono advice to those who cannot afford legal representation at legal advice clinics and in other capacities. We regularly donate to and organise fundraising events for charities. 

We make our splendid Georgian meeting rooms available to charities free of charge upon application.

As a committed meritocracy and ardent supporter of equality and social mobility, we are acutely aware of the importance of empowering people through education and inspiring them to fulfil their potential through mentoring and outreach. 

 As a responsible organisation, we operate to defined environmental objectives. We recycle wherever possible and educate staff and members to be more aware of the impact of their consumer and professional decisions upon the environment.