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Instructions are frequently received from clients from outside England and Wales under the Direct Access Scheme.

While instructions from anywhere are welcome, Chambers has developed specialist 'Desks' for certain jurisdictions where instructions are more frequently received. At present, Chambers operates an 'India Desk', a 'China Desk' and the 'Poland Desk'. The development of these Desks has enable us to focus on developing facilities and procedures based are language, geography and the legal structure of the local law (civil, common law based). 

Distance and time zones can be accommodated, with modern internet and telephone facilities available to members. 

Instructions are accepted from all areas chambers lists as its areas of expertise. Please browse our members by the expertise area most closely linked to the dispute or issue you have. When browsing through the barristers within that expertise area, look to see whether they state on their profile that they accept instructions under the Direct Access Scheme (sometimes known as the Public Access Scheme). If in doubt, telephone the clerks on 0207 242 6476 and enquire whether your selected barrister does accept Direct Access instructions.