On 19 October 2021, an event concerning British citizen detained in Iran, Anoosheh Ashoori, was hosted at 33 Bedford Row Chambers.  The event raised the situation of Anoosheh’s arbitrary detention as being a hostage taking situation, and discussed ways to confront state-sponsored hostage taking under the law and before the international community.

Speaking on the panel were:

·       Sherry Izadi (Anoosheh’s wife)

·       Janet Darby MP ​(MP to the Ashoori family)

·       Nigel Edwards QC & Haydee Dijkstal (33 Bedford Row Chambers and members of his legal team which also includes Annahita Moradi)

·       Kylie Moore-Gilbert (Australian / British academic previously detained in Iran)

·       Nina Navid (Amnesty International)

Introduction:  Elika Ashoori & Aryan Ashoori (Anoosheh’s children) introduced the event.

A recording of the event can be viewed on youtube at:

Details on the event are at:​