33 Bedford Row Team participates in The London Legal Walk 2021

Author: Reporter
In: News Published: Tuesday 19 October 2021


On 19 October 2021, a team from 33 Bedford Row participated in The London Legal Walk, with the aim of raising awareness and funds for the London Legal Support Trust, a charity that funds Law Centres and pro bono agencies around London.

The team from 33 Bedford Row participated in the 10k walk around London, along with the Lord Chief Justice and thousands of other lawyers and other fundraisers, in order to support the work of Advocate and the Free Representation Unit, who undertake invaluable work preventing homelessness, resolving debt problems, sourcing care for the elderly and disabled, and fighting exploitation.

Members of Chambers who participated in the walk included: Haydee Dijkstal, Simon Hill, Alex Adamou, Elizabeth Fisher, Rachanda Shafei, along with our new first six pupils, Olivia Beach and Milad Shojaei.

Donations can still be given to support this cause, on Chambers' fundraising page, viewable here.