Civil Lit & Employment Law London Essential Update Conference : Tuesday, 14 September, London

In: News Published: Tuesday 24 August 2021


Civil & Commercial Barrister Elizabeth Fisher, Commercial and Employment Barrister Alex Adamou and Civil & Commercial Barrister Alex Lawson join the list speakers for LAW FRIENDS SOCIETY event to be held on:



Speakers and Topics 

Service of Documents and Persons Unknown
Alex Adamou, 33 Bedford Row

Witness Evidence: How to Get the Most From Your Witness
Elizabeth Fisher, 33 Bedford Row

Cohabitation and Implied Trusts of the Home: When Everything Goes South, Go North?
Alex Lawson, 33 Bedford Row

Employment Rights of the LGBTI Community
Richard O'Dair, 36 Group

Legal Approaches to Fire and Rehire
Oliver Isaacs, Old Square

Workers Rights: Where are They and Where They Fall Short
Alex Adamou, 33 Bedford Row

With high-profile presenters from the country's premier sets, this buzzing live conference covers up to the minute law for your practice in all the most relevant areas.
First up for the morning sessions our friends and colleagues at 33 Bedford Row provide some of their best personnel for broad topic coverage suitable for all civil lit lawyers.

The day moves through the gears towards Employment Law, with the renowned 36 Group followed by the top employment law team from Old Square Chambers.

Tickets costs £30, and this landmark 10-year anniversary conference will be topped by the CHIEFS Party in London on 17th September, which all conference delegates will receive an invite to for their free ticket to our inaugural annual industry party with refreshments, reception drinks, DJs, and a whole host of people to meet and catch up with from all our conferences.      

Criminal Defence
Civil Litigation
Custody Suite
Human Rights
Financial Crime
Fraud, and
Social Housing


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We look forward to welcoming you back in person and celebrating 10 fantastic years of the Law Friends Society - see you in September.