Neil Mercer and Philip Williams seek compensation for victim of brutal assault with a motor-vehicle

In: News Published: Wednesday 15 July 2020


Two members of chambers Mr Neil Mercer and Mr Philip Williams have recently been instructed to fight for compensation for a man who was left with permanent brain injury and mobility issues having been the victim of a brutal attack with a motorvehicle.

On 17 August 2018 Mr Luqman along with two other individuals on the Hillaries Road in the was in the Gravelly Hill area of Birmingham. They sought to run off.

Mr Luqman was unfortunate enough to be the slowest of the three men and was subsequently, and without mercy, struck by Mr Ali’s vehicle.  Mr Luqman was struck with such force that he was knocked 50 feet though the air. 

The result of this vicious attack is that Mr Luqman’s life has been forever changed by the incident.  He has suffered permanent brain damage and lifetime mobility issues. 

Mr Ali, was jailed for at least 16 years for dangerous driving and wounding with intent, having been acquitted of attempted murder.

Mr Neil Mercer and Philip Williams have been instructed together, to pursue a claim for damages on behalf of Mr Luqman, the Claimant by Aman Solicitors. It is an interesting claim as the Defendant is seeking to rely upon the defence of ex turpi causa in that the Claimant was allegedly involved in criminal conduct prior to being mowed down.

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