Diana Constantinide

  • Year of Call 2017

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Diana transferred to the Bar in November 2017 as a Cypriot qualified lawyer with 5 years of PQE working in the private and international sector. Diana specializes in public international law, international criminal law and human rights. She represents a group of victims before the International Criminal Court and she also represents clients before domestic courts in the UK and the Republic of Cyprus. Diana advises associations and individuals on legal issues in her areas of her expertise. She is fluent in Greek, Swedish and English and conversational Guajarati and French.

Prior to The London Bar

Prior to joining the London Bar, Diana worked in the Republic of Cyprus and handled complex cross boarder cases. Soon after completing her legal training she was offered partnership in a newly established firm and successfully lead the Litigation Department; in which she introduced a clientele of over 350 cases. She was described by fellow colleagues and judges as ‘a dynamic and powerful lawyer’, ‘a young and inspiring legal figure’.

She was elected president of the European Lawyers Student Association (ELSA) Cypriot Branch and attained access to the International Forum at the Council of Europe. Fellow lawyers commented on her ability to ‘mesmerize and persuade the audience’. She was appointed Associate Lecturer at UCLan Cyprus and been voted as the most inspiring lecturer.

Diana is active on the betterment of Cyprus’s post conflict legal education and maintains an active role liaising with both legal communities through her humanitarian activities on the island.

Diana’s case profile includes:

1) Situation in Darfur, Sudan: Representing Sudanese victims, seeking accountability for genocide and other atrocities perpetrated by the president of Sudan, Omar-Al-Bashir and other government officials.

2) Rohingya Genocide: Founded the Independent Myanmar International Crimes Inquiry (IMICI) to consider evidence related to the displacement of the Rohingya people in Myanmar and the alleged crimes committed thereto. The Inquiry will consider whether there is prima facie evidence that international crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes have been committed.

3) Representing a Cypriot Association: for people with disabilities before the European Institutions and domestic authorities.

4) Advises UK law firms: on Cypriot law and cross boarder matters.

5) An extensive litigation profile of over 350 cases in the Republic of Cyprus and appeared before the District Courts, Criminal Courts, Family Court, Rent Tribunal, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court as a first instance court and the Her Majesty’s Court of the Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus.


The HuffPost published an article about successful lawyers and Diana was named ‘The lawyer of the week’. She has been mentioned a couple of times in the local newspapers of Cyprus for her work and representations of the island to global summits. She was included in a Law Forum magazine and Cypriot newspapers.



Diana's publications are:

· ‘Principles on the engagement on of domestic courts with international law’ by International Lawyer’s Association (ILA) – Study Group.

· ‘The unification of the Registrars and its importance’ Vol. 3, pp. 29 by the Cyprus Bar Association.

· ‘State Intervention: An Odysseus travel or a day trip?’ University of Birmingham.

Awards & Prizes

Awards & Prizes

Diana obtained the following scholarships and awards:

· Ministry of Education- Cyprus scholarship for her LLB.

· Ministry of Education-Cyprus scholarship for her LLM.

· The Global Thinkers Forum under the auspice of Queen of Jordan Rania for her attendance at the Forum.

· One Young World Summit in Canada partially sponsored by the Youth Board of Cyprus.



Diana is a member of the following organisatoins:

(1) the Inner Temple;

(2) the Cyprus Bar Association;

(3) the Famagusta Bar Association;

(4) the International Law Association;

(5) the Law Society of England and Wales; and

(6) the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Diana is also a Young World Ambassador.