Andrew Kerr

  • Year of Call 2006



Andrew has an established and recognised expertise in fraud, fmoney laundering, confiscation proceedings and financial crime in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal both prosecuting and defending. He is also recognised for his work in environmental law and regulatory work, particularly for local authorities.

Andrew is known for his ability to read and analyse large quantities of documentation and to prepare supporting spreadsheets to enable a deeper scrutiny of fraudulent transactions. He has an unusual ability to present complex data to juries, taking them through the information in a user-friendly way. He can draw upon his experience of examining witnesses and financial investigators in relation to financial documents. His case management and preparation is meticulous, including the drafting of supporting paperwork and opening notes to assist the court. 

He has dealt with cases of benefit fraud, cases under  the Fraud Act, 2006 and the (former) deception offences under the Theft Act, 1968. He has recently been involved in a large-scale conspiracy to defraud exceeding million pounds. 

Andrew’s experience defending complements his ability to prosecute because he can anticipate arguments and tactics and deal with them. He finds his experience defending particularly useful when advising prosecution authorities and that his experience in prosecution informs his ability to act effectively for the defence.

Notable Cases

Notable Cases

R v I and Otrs, 2017 Southwark Crown Court

Lengthy multi-handed trial involved in the organised theft of vehicles valued in the region of £1.2 million. Defendants used cloned car keys, false number plates, forged vehicle documentation, surveillance of targets and hi-tech computer technology to steal luxury vehicles. The case was reported in the Daily Mail.

R v M - A led junior in a brutal murder case in which the defence pleaded loss of control.

R v I - Appeared as junior alone in a lengthy kidnap and blackmail case.

R v W - A led junior in a particularly savage killing of a homeless man.

R v B - Appeared as junior alone in a case in which it was alleged the complainant was trafficked into the UK and forced to work as a prostitute. The case involved thousands of pages of telephone evidence that substantially undermined the complainant’s allegations.

R v W - Rape

R v L - A firearms case in which the gun in question was unable to discharge a bullet without the police firearms expert manufacturing special ammunition for it.

R v K - Anonymous witness case. The Defendant was alleged to be the black male robbing the Malaysian student in the infamous London Riots footage.

R v T - Successfully defended in a case involving a gang of East London villains who were alleged to have posed as BT workers in stolen vans and equipment, removed copper cable from manholes, cut it up, and sold it for scrap.

R v L - Offensive weapon case. Secured an acquittal in 60 seconds.

R (C) v Stratford Youth Court [2012] All ER (D) 87 (Jan) - Judicial Review in relation when a judicial tribunal may depart from a previous sentencing indication



LL.B (Hons)