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  • Year of Call 2008

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Rabia is an experienced and accomplished barrister with a diverse practice. She has extensive experience in crime, human rights and extradition. Rabia also practices in Family (care proceedings, private Children's Act proceedings, financial matters and divorce), Personal Injury (RTA, Occupiers Liabiliy Act, Employers' Liability and serious/fatal accidents), medical negligence and inquest hearings. Prior to joining Chambers, Rabia spent several years as in-house counsel at a prestigious criminal and human rights defence firm where she was instructed as crown court trial counsel on a range of criminal matters, including sexual offences, violent crime, drugs offences and serious fraud matters. Rabia has developed an expertise in sexual offences and serious fraud. She also has extensive experience in extradition matters, including appeals and first hearings on multi-jurisdictional matters.

Rabia is noted for her meticulous cross examination and attention to detail. She is an experience as a criminal and civil trial advocate and has conducted trails appeared in both the crown courts as well as the county and high courts and the courts of appeal (both criminal and civil divisions). Her experience and ability to think on her feet has led to an excellent acquittal record for winning ‘unwinnable cases’. She also has rights to conduct litigation and will be completing her Direct Access training in due course.

Rabia’s personable and compassionate approach with her clients has also enabled her to develop  her practice and gain significant experience in her Family practice and accepts instructions on all family matters, care proceedings and private and legally aided matters. Her approach to her witnesses and to explain matters in a simple way has led to her being regularly instructed by clients.

Rabia is available to accept instructions in all areas of Crime, Family,  Regulatory, Public Law, Personal Injury and Medical Negligence.

Rabia is also a freelance advocacy lecturer for BPP Law School and a Senior Tutor with Lincoln's inn, where she regularly tutors in both criminal and civil matters at the Inn's weekend advocacy courses 

Outside of practice, Rabia enjoys cooking, socialising with friends and travelling. She also enjoys honing her carpentry 'skills' by making totally unfunctional pieces of furniture. 



Rabia is fluent in Urdu and Hindi.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Rabia's practice also includes personal injury and she has conducted cases dealing with road traffic accidents and accidents claims concerning serious injuries. Rabia has represented claimants and defendants at both the County and High Court in both fast-track and multi-track claims. Rabia has also been instructed in a range of matters including; Occupiers Liability and Employers' liability claims. She has written various legal problems relating to personal injury claims for her Inns of Court's advocacy and mooting workshops, in which she is also a trainer. Rabia's extensive experience in criminal law has equipped her with the detailed understanding and liabilities relating to accidents where allegations of fraud have been pleaded associated with exaggerated injury and fraudulent damage. This experience allows her to provide legally sound and well-reasoned advice to those instructing her. 

Rabia has also adviced in cases involving medical negligence, including wrongful or delayed diagnosis and has attended inquest hearings. 




Rabia is an accomplished and experienced criminal practitioner. she has been instructed in a range of criminal matters, including; serious fraud, bribery, money laundering, confiscation, murder, violence crime, multi handed robbery and sexual offences (including rape). She is also an experienced crown court trial advocate and is a CPS Level 2 prosecutor. Rabia's previous experence as a police station representative equips her with a detailed understanding of police powers of detention and arrest under PACE and further allows her to identify any issues in the police evidence, something which can often be found in the unused material of a prosection case. 

Rabia is an exceptionally thorough advocate and receives regular instructions in both prosecution and defence work. she spent over 10 years practicing as in-house counsel at a criminal defence and human rights firm, where she has appeared in both the crown court and the court of appeal in representing clients charged with a plethora of offences. 

Rabia is also a member of the CBA,

R v A

Rabia was instructed to act for the Defendant who was facing a serious count of malicious communication at the Crown Court. Rabia was able to successfully oppose an '11th hour' application from the Prosecution to add an additional charge of blackmail on the indictment. She did so based on the prejudicial impact this would have on the Defendant. Rabia's exceptional cross examination and breaking down of the prosecution case led to her client's acquittal. 

R v A

Instructed as trial counsel on serious possession with intent to supply class A drugs, the Defendant had over £20,000 worth of drugs in his car when stopped by police. Through her cross examination of the officers and the Defendant, Rabia was able to secure an acquittal. Her closing speech was commended by the Judge as 'powerful' at the conclusion of the trial. 

R v B

Rabia secured an acquittal for a Fraud against the Defendant for continuously using a fraudulent travel card. This was a serious and continued case of fraud and having gone through the prosecution exhibits, Rabia made an application (opposed by the Crown) to exclude prejudicial evidence with respect to the Defendant despite it having been previously agreed. This combined with her careful and considered examination of the defendant secured an acquittal for the client. 



Rabia has extensive experience and expertise within family law, which includes; care proceedings (both acting for the Local Authority) and Respondents, private children and family law act matters (including non-molestation/occupation orders) and financial remedy and divorce proceedings. 

Care work – Rabia is regularly instructed by a number of local authorities in and out of London and she regularly conducts full fact finding and final hearings. She is also regularly instructed to represent the respondents in such proceedings; including the parents as well as the child/children. She undertakes Interim Care Order hearings, case management and Issues resolution hearings and regularly drafts advice, which includes detailed interim and final threshold documents for the Local Authority. Her ability to instil confidence in her clients has led to Rabia being consistently instructed by a number of lay and professional clients. 

Private Children/Family Act – Rabia has conducted a number of cases involving individuals and has represented both e applicant and the defendants in a range of private family matters, including; cases involving domestic violence (including Scott Schedules), child arrangements orders and non-molestation orders to name a few. She has developed an expertise in cases where domestic violence is an issue and has conducted a number of fact-finding hearings determining whether domestic violence took place. 

Finance hearings and divorce – Rabia has experience in representing parties in divorce proceedings. She regularly advises on out of court settlements in such proceedings as well as seeking disclosures on behalf of her clients, especially in multi-jurisdictional matters.

Notable cases;. 

Re S

Rabia represented the Local Authority at a 5-day contested fact finding hearing (North Yorkshire type hearing). The parents contested the Local Authority care plan fto remove the child from their care. This hearing was to determine the narrow issue of whether one of the parents was able to provide the relevant care for the child. Rabia's detailed and thorough cross examination and submissions of the evidence, persuaded the Judge to the Local Authority care plan.

Re C 

Rabia represented the applicant at a final hearing Non-Molestation Order (Private). The contested hearing involved a plethora of social media evidence relied on by the respondent, including intimate images of the applicant. during her cross examination of the Respondent, Rabia was able to successfully get the Respondent to accept that he has intentionally caused or attempted to cause the Applicant distress by disclosing intimate messages to members of her family without her consent. This admission enabled Rabia to make a successful argument to dismiss the Respondent's case and for the judge to make the NMO. The judge commended Rabia's skilled and exacting cross examination technique and made an order in favour of the Applicant.