Aysha Miah

  • Year of Call 2012



Aysha completed her pupillage at a leading family law set in 2012 and joined 33 Bedford Row in 2013 as a tenant. 

Although Aysha has commenced her life at the Bar as a family specialist she has expertise beyond core family areas. This wide ranging experience allows her to provide cross-disciplinary representation and advice.   

Aysha's testimonials include a comment by a senior circuit judge that Aysha was “thoroughly prepared, succinct, clear, well-reasoned and had the case at her finger-tips”.  

Most recently another judge described Aysha’s drafting as “impeccable”



Aysha specialises in Financial Remedies within the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and has written articles on the issue of prenuptial agreements and ringfencing of assets. Aysha has also developed a practice in financial relief under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.

Aysha has experience in all Children Act 1989 matters - including private law and public law applications. 

Aysha represents Applicants and Respondents in domestic abuse cases arising from the Family Law Act 1996. 

Financial Remedies: 

  • Maintenance Pending Suit hearings, First Appointments, Financial Dispute Resolution hearings, Preliminary Issue hearings
  • Final Hearings and Appeals 
  • Advisory work where appropriate 
  • Experience in representing parties in "short" marriage cases
  • Experience in representing parties in "ringfencing" cases where there is a large inheritance/special contribution/pre-marital assets
  • Experience in representing parties in cases where there are overseas assets including inherited property/land abroad
  • Multi property cases including large buy to let portfolios

Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989: 

  • Representing both Applicants and Respondents
  • Expertise in cases where school fees are sought 

Children Act 1989 - Private law: 

  • First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointments, Dispute Resolution Appointments, Fact Finding Hearings 
  • Final Hearings and Appeals  
  • Particular expertise representing parents in cases where a rule 16.4 Guardian has been appointed as a result of the complexity of the case
  • Experience in representing parents where there is an allegation of "parental alienation" and "implacable hostility" cases 
  • Experience in representing parties where there are allegations of serious sexual abuse 
  • Secured a number of positive outcomes in Fact Finding and Final Hearings 

Children Act 1989 - Public law: 

  • Represent parents and grandparents 
  • Experience representing the Child through their Guardian or where the child is separately represented
  • Expertise in securing successful outcomes in Special Guardianship cases 
  • Representation in all public law applications right from Magistrates court level to the High Court 

Family Law Act 1996 - Non Molestation Orders and Occupation Orders: 

  • Representing both Applicants and Respondents from ex parte initial hearings all the way to Appeals
  • Particular experience in representing parties where there are allegations of honour based violence and modern day slavery 





Bar Professional Training Course – University of Law – 78%

LLB – Queen Mary University of London – 2.1 

Notable Cases

Notable Cases

Financial Remedies

A v P: Successfully represented the wife at preliminary issue hearing and persuaded the court that the wife’s assets are a pre-marital asset and should be ring-fenced. 

L v L: Represented the husband at a final hearing and successfully argued that the five year marriage is a “short-marriage” and therefore the husband’s three properties should be ring-fenced and this is a ‘contributions’ case notwithstanding the parties having a 3 year old child. 

G v G: Successfully represented the husband at a three day final hearing and persuaded the court that the family home is a “post-marital asset” and a “short-marriage” in the legal sense, and the asset should be ring-fenced notwithstanding the parties having a 5 year old child. 

Children - Private law

V v V:  An international relocation case. Successfully represented the Applicant mother who succeeded in her application to relocate to Poland. 

A v B: Successfully represented the father in a 10 day private law fact finding hearing. 

Children - Public law

Re R: Successfully represented the father in a 12 day final hearing in public law proceedings. 

Re P: Successfully represented grandparents obtain a Special Guardianship Order in a 10 day final hearing. 

Domestic Abuse

A v B: represented the husband from the first hearing to a final hearing. The wife made allegations of physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Each and every allegation in the Scott schedule was successfully disproved. Successfully obtained a costs order against the wife. 



Family Law Bar Association



“thoroughly prepared, succinct, clear, well-reasoned and had the case at her finger-tips” – His Honour Judge Wilding

Aysha is highly proficient and very knowledgeable in her areas of practice, she has a very robust attitude to her work and always aims to achieve the best possible result for her client” – Solicitor 

“Outstanding result achieved in the case – the client was thrilled with the outcome” – Solicitor  

“Your skillful execution of yesterdays events have made a significant improvement to my life and you are an asset to your profession” – Direct Access Client 

Direct Access

Direct Access

Aysha is accredited to accept work under Direct Access, also known as Public Access, in suitable cases. In order to instruct Aysha on a Direct Access basis, contact the clerks on +44 (0) 20 7242 6476 or at clerks@33bedfordrow.co.uk.